Charlotte Cheapest Air Conditioning

If you need cool air, what are your least expensive options? A lot of people truly suffer when it is as broiling hot as it has been of late. Cool air may come with a big price tag. From the cheapest on up, here are some solutions to try.

1. Prepare a large container full of ice. Arrange a fan, so that its air flow will go over the ice and bathe you in cooled breezes. All it takes is a good supply of ice and an inexpensive fan.

2. Yard Sales and Craigslist can be a treasure trove of cooling solutions. A used window unit air conditioner will most likely cost you less than $100.

When setting up air conditioners in your living space, cool from the top down. That cool air will sink to the lowest level. Fortunately, these days, most standard window units operate on 110 volts, so you will not need special power or special recepticles.

3. Swamp Coolers or Evaporative Coolers. These cooling units are designed to work through water evaporation. This process produces cooler air, but not as cool as a standard air conditioner. Regular AC’s too, work though evaporation, but the evaporation of freon, instead of water. Freon starts as a cold liquid and creates coolness when it evaporates into a gas. The compresser then changes the freon back into a liquid, starting the process all over again.

You should expect to pay less than $100 for a new Evaporative Cooler. If your environment is very humid, it is difficult for these units to work well and there will be a tremendous amount of water condensation with which you will have to deal.

4. Window Units Sans Windows – You can actually uses an individual AC inside, even if you do not have a window available. Place it in a stable position and prepare a catch basin for the dripping water. The exhaust warm air should be directed away from you and, ideally, you can set up something to funnel it outside.

It is high on the unattractive scale, but hey, cool is cool, right? This option, even if it is a brand new unit, will most like be cheaper than buying a portable air conditioner.

5. The inside scoop on Portable Air Conditioners – These may be the right answer if your living arrangements are only for a short time. There will be water condensation and the need to vent the exhaust air out. A portable air conditioner is surprisingly expense, although they are starting to come down in price. Don’t forget to check Craigslist for one and check surrounding towns and not just your own.

Usually these units will have thermostats. The extra you are paying for is an efficient built in system to deal with the dripping water and a tube for the exhaust. Make sure you check the noise level of any unit you purchase.

There are inexpensive ways to beat your cooling problem. You shouldn’t have to swelter. Especially with a pre-owned unit, it is relatively easy to get a great deal. Always make sure you test before you buy, but if it is running well, you can typically expect that it will continue to run well for years to come. So you will be cool and still have most of your money to enjoy.

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