Don’t Touch That Dial!

Air Conditioning Thermostat – Adjusting It May Cost You Money

You need to maintain the temperature within your house. It is cheaper than coming home after work and having your air conditioner run continuously to catch up. Does that work for winter cold, too? Read here to find the exception.

Furnace Safety Mechanisms

Furnaces are inherently dangerous. They are using combustible volatile materials at thousands of degrees. So furnace safety is a very important subject for any Denver HVAC tech to be knowledgeable. However the tech’s task is hard because each manufacturer of heating equipment has different controls. The first line of safety are the ignition controls. The largest manufacturer is Honeywell, but there are also proprietary ignition controls made by third party engineering companies.

Bring Home Only the Best Hunter Ceiling Fans

As a homeowner, you only want the best things for your home. Your home is your prized possession and you want every piece of item and equipment that goes in it to exhibit first-rate quality. Certainly, you wouldn’t settle for anything less. When you’re in search, for example, for ceiling fans, you would surely look for the best ones available in the market. As such, you would likely bring home with you a few pieces of Hunter ceiling fans.

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