Trim That AC Bill

How Can I Save on My Bill and Remain Cool This Summer?
It’s no secret that the summer months here in Dallas are excruciatingly hot. So running your air conditioning system is a must. So, how can you save and remain comfortable you ask? There are a few ways I believe you can achieve comfort and savings.
The Right Way to Buy Wood Stove Pellets

If your pellet stove is not providing the heat you expected, more than likely the problem is not the stove. The problem is probably the wood stove pellets you’re using as fuel. Here’s how to make sure you get the right pellets to keep you warm all winter.

A Flood of Information on the Titan Water Heater
Recently, one man whose family owned two homes decided to sell the second residence. The family vacated the home that was put up for sale. Following their departure, the owner received the water bill for the vacated property.


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