Landlord AC Tips

Air Conditioning Tips For Landlords
If you’re a landlord, air conditioning can be a major asset. There’s a range of options for landlords to add significant value to a property at low cost with residential air conditioning. This can be a very simple exercise, requiring relatively low outlay to achieve best results.
How Renovations Effect Your Air Conditioning Needs

If you’re renovating and doing a major upgrade, the first thing you’ll notice is that the new upgrade is likely to affect your air conditioning. It’s advisable to keep an eye on this situation, because if you’re adding more space, or have a ducted system the new space will affect air conditioner performance. This is because the cubic space being air conditioned has changed. The old air conditioning system may not have the capacity to service the additional area effectively. That means the performance of the system will drop off, perhaps significantly.

Go Green With Your Air Conditioning
Environmentally responsible consumers care a lot about their environmental impact. They select their home appliances carefully, to achieve a low emissions solution to their air conditioning needs.


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