More Ceiling Fan Tips

Maintenance Tips To Get Your Ceiling Back In Top Condition Without Any Difficulty
Keep the following points in mind when you are trying to carry out maintenance activities on the ceiling fans in your house. The tools required to dismantle the ceiling fan and bring it down are the same. You will need a pair of pliers to remove the metal pin that is pushed into the screw.
Hiding The Wires Of Your Ceiling Fan In the Casing Is A Smart Move

Why is it advisable to have the wires of your ceiling fan hidden at all times? Well, the wires will look incongruous and will detract from the appearance of the fan. This is particularly true if you do not carry out maintenance activities very often.

Using Your Ceiling Fan After A Long Time? Here Are Some Useful Tips
What are the specific points to which you must pay special attention if you want your ceiling fan to function properly after it has been lying unused for a long time? Irrespective of whether the ceiling fan was hung on the ceiling or was dismantled and kept separately, you will have to take a look at the lubrication. Oiling is important because this will have a huge impact on the smooth movement of the fan.


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