Using Portable Air Conditioners At A Business

Using Portable Air Conditioners In Business Settings

Air conditioning has come quite a long way since the 300-ton cooling system installed in the New York Stock Exchange back in 1902. Designed by Alfred Wolff, that particular unit was reliable for 20 years using a steam-operated form of refrigeration. That same year, the first office building was air-conditioned in Kansas City, Missouri, and it became clear that Willis Carrier’s invention, at the time named the “Apparatus for Treating Air,” would forever change the way people live. With the advent of portable air conditioning, comfort can now be found using much less energy and space.

The Practical Uses of Portable Air Conditioners for Business

How many times on a hot day has a person wished to themselves that they could bring the air conditioner with them? Thanks to the invention of the portable air conditioner, that wish is now a reality. First, it is important to understand what they are, how they function and why it is helpful to own one.

Choosing the Best Portable Air Conditioning Unit for the Business Environment

No one wants to tackle a long summer without air conditioning, which is why most people make sure that the units are functioning properly before heading into the dog days of summer. The same should hold true for businesses, as it is important for both workers and customers to feel cool and comfortable while working or shopping. Fortunately, portable air conditioning units make this job possible and are able to keep rooms of all sizes and shapes cool. They can be used in different areas, including server or electrical equipment rooms, as well as in stores, offices and commercial spaces.

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