Consider This To Filter Your Furnace

A More Effective Way to Filter Your Furnace

Changing the filter in your furnace is hard to do and difficult to remember. Use the return air flow to install a filter grid. It is easy to change the filter and provides more effective air filtering than having the filter in your furnace.

Advantages of Light Weight Window Air Conditioner

If you are thinking that air conditioners that are of light weight may not be efficient enough to cool your home then you are absolutely wrong. Gone are the days when people believed the notions “bigger the better”, today everything preferred is portable and small in size. Different types of light weight window air conditioner available in the market have perfect combination of old fashioned cooling function with new and convenient features. They are sleek and very light – making them easy to manage.

Florida Energy Star Rebate for Air Conditioning

An amazing opportunity has arisen for consumers that are in the market for a new air conditioning system in the State of Florida. Besides the already substantial savings that perspective customers can capitalize on which are the Florida Power and Light Rebate and the Federal Tax Credit, Florida has now unveiled the Cash For Clunkers $1500 Energy Star Rebate. The catch is that the duct work must be tested (after the new system is installed) and must not leak more that 15% of the total volume of air. That wouldn’t be much of a problem either but only a Class 1 Rater is qualified to do the test and there only a small ratio of those guys in relation to the amount of Air Conditioning companies in Florida.

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