Interesting Quartz Infrared Heating

Quartz Infrared Heaters

Since their introduction in the 1980s, quartz infrared heaters have been growing in popularity. There are many different claims about how cheap they are to operate, how easy they are to install and how attractive they look. Most quartz infrared heaters have quartz bulbs that are situated in front of a reflector area. Many are very attractively designed and as with any portable heater there is really no installation required. You simply plug them into a wall socket and turn them on.

A Review of Heatstar HS25N and HS22L Vent Free Garage Heaters

In recent years the popularity of vent free gas heaters to heat residential garages and small shops has grown steadily. Heatstar (by Enerco of Cleveland, Ohio) manufacturers a small gas fired vent free heater designed specifically for such spaces. The heater is small – just 25,000 BTU’s (natural gas model HS25N) or 22,000 BTU’s (propane gas model HS22L) and lightweight. It is the only residential garage heater of its kind approved for residential garages in North America.

Portable Air Conditioner (Smart Spot Cooling System)

Are you looking for air cooling appliances that can be installed more easily and practically? And are you looking for units that can work more efficiently than your existing central air conditioner system? There are available some choices but portable air conditioners are increasingly popular at this time! Why you should choose them? What are the advantages?

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